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Emergency relief:


Care-link has been seen many times in action if we talk about Pakistan, especially during natural disastrous occasions.

In the earth quake of 2005 Care-Link support financially different organization for the emergency and relief work for affected people. One hospital has been donated for the treatment of poor people near Gujar Khan as well as water sanitization plants is also providing clean drinking water. Moreover, hand pumps have been installed by Care-Link in rural areas where there were no access to clean water people were utilizing pools’ water.

There are other two centers which are helping the needy people of their areas; one is in Karachi which is governed by Basirat Lodhi, helping locals financially and socially to resolve their problems on daily basis. Meeting are arranged, seminars are organized for the welfare of the society free food programs are also managed. Second center is near Chawk Azam District Layyah under the supervision of Pir Shamoon Kazmi who is Darse Nazami Qualified and Doctor of herbs so he is helping people facing health and spiritual Problems. Moreover boarding school is also there for free education in near future a hospital will be the part of this center.

More than 2000  people ( as reported only) have died in the flood disaster, which began in the north and have swept south towards the sea, destroying roads, bridges, homes, domestic belongings, their resources cattle, farmlands etc., and knocking out power stations.

Care-Link is participating a lot and doing our best to provide the food etc. in the outskirts of Nowshera, Chaar Sadda, Muzaffar Gardh, Karachi (where thousands of affected people are pouring from different parts of the country). Alhamdu Lilllah, we have contacts with a large number of volunteers and local people, who are working day and night to reach the affected areas and transport food, drinking water etc.






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