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Marriage Council

Soon after founding the Trust, a get- together Meeting of like minded friends was called to test the water and seek a positive direction.


Thank God, we encountered a wider vision and desire to start work, firstly, in solving social domestic problem – matrimonial. There was consensus on the need of studying and solving the marriage problems most of the families in UK are facing – help their sons and daughters get married.


All praise to Almighty Creator we, since 1997, we have offered a totally FREE matrimonial service - marriages were arranged, divorces avoided. Since 1997, More than 1500 males and females have been registered and benefitted – many parents, worried about their children’s marriage, encouraged by our selfless and close courteous brotherly response, came out of depression and mental stress  Many marriages took place, a number of divorces were averted, many reported domestic violence cases were compromised. We now give more free advice on marriage, domestic violence, family disputes and difference, and divorce problems to ease the parental tension.


We provide, on our website every month, current lists of males and females who are looking for compatible match in marriage.


For a long time a large number of Muslim families have come and settled in Britain, we are encountering many problems, e.g. financial, educational, personal, domestic, matrimonial etc etc. Some families are lucky enough to overcome their problems by themselves, but there are many who desperately need guidance and help to solve their problems. Among other major problems many families are experiencing great difficulty in finding suitable matrimonial match for their sons and daughters. This task of finding the right person can became relatively easier if we can establish a closer LINK between members of our community who are living in different part of Britain. Whether the provision of such a facility remains a dream or turns into reality depends on the amount of effort and co-operation we can gather from all individuals and families experiencing this difficulty, and how much we can co-operate with each other to achieve this objective.


Care-Link (UK) Trust has given very serious thought to this ever-increasing problem, which forces us to take our sons and daughter to our first homeland to get them married. Therefore, among other important future projects, we have given TOP PRIORITY to address this marriage problem.


For this purpose, Care-Link (UK) Trust has established "Care-Link Marriage Council" which shall offer a FREE SERVICE to all Muslims settled in Europe (including U.K.) and North America (including Canada).



The governing body of this "Marriage Council" is CARE-LINK (UK) TRUST". The Trust is NOT IN ANY WAY, funded, financed or helped by any Government, any local Council or any Organization whatsoever. The running expenses for rendering FREE SERVICES, by the Trust and Marriage Council, to our Muslim brothers and sisters are met from the personal resources of the organizers and their well-wishing friends, purely for the pleasure of our Merciful Creator ALLAH the ALMIGHTY, with a sincere desire to serve the Muslim Community in Europe (including U.K.) and North America (including Canada).




Since this registered charity is a finance consuming exercise, any Donations shall be much appreciated.



To Benefit from our services, you have to fill in our Marriage Registration Form (Click below the appropriate Link). Print-out this Form, fill in the required information and post this completed Form to us. Wherever possible, we suggest, the parents should take the responsibility of sending the Forms to us.

* Please also enclose one or two stamped self- addressed envelopes (S.A.E) for reply and future use.

 * On receipt of your completed Form we shall inform you of your Registration No. (which must be quoted in all future communications by letter or telephone), along with a List of Males or females seeking matrimonial match.

* Choose any five persons from the above Lists, nearest to your choice/ requirements, phone us and we shall give you their contact Telephone Nos. You may then proceed to contact/meet the family/individuals (may be 3/4 times). Make your own inquiries and satisfy yourselves with regard to their religious background, qualifications, professions, present nationality and country of origin, family background etc.

* The details of the individuals are reproduced as provided to us; therefore, the authenticity thereof cannot be guaranteed.

* For sisters, the usual safeguard procedure is advisable, i.e. Meetings with male introductions should take place in presence of parents/friends, otherwise in a public place and daytime.

 * We should be informed of the results of all contacts you make, to enable us to update our records. If the introductions are not satisfactory, pick up another 4/5 Registrations Nos. and phone us to get their contact Nos., and so on. Better open a personal file and keep record of all documents and meetings.

* You may agree that it is sometime impossible to find your ideal choice ( ideal partner), but you may find someone close to your expectations. It may, therefore, be worth your while to relax your conditions/ requirements to enhance chances of your marriage. Of course, the final decision shall be your own.

* A happy marriage should be seen beyond facial beauty, incomes and professions. One should always look for human qualities and inner strengths when choosing a life partner. This is a bond for life and one should consider both ways . One should ask oneself, "how much comfort can I provide to my partner before asking how much comfort & happiness my partner will provide me ?".


May ALLAH bless you with making the right decision, and bless us all with the best qualities and wisdom to serve HIS creations. AAMEEN.



  (We are at present open on wednesdays and saturdays between from 1pm to 5.30 p.m.) 



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CARE LINK (UK) TRUST            REGISTERED CHARITY NUMBER : 1061560   | [email protected] |

HEAD OFFICE: 111, Myddleton Road, Wood Green, LONDON / UK, N22 8NE | 0207-609-5634 |

FOR CORRESPONDENCE BRANCH OFFICE: 24 Hillmarton Road, LONDON / UK, N7 9JF  | 0207-609-5634  |
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