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"Saddaqa extinguishes sin as water extinguishes fire." (Tirmidhi : 2541)

"Saddaqa appeases the Lord’s anger and averts an evil death." (Tirmidhi : 1909)


Care-Link(UK) Trust arranges two types of Saddaqah for it Donors:

Goat Saddaqa: A goat is slaughtered on Donor's name and meat is distributed among poor and needy people. In Ramdhan 2014 we arranged over ten goat saddaqahs.


Food Saddaqa: A package of food(wheat flour, oil, chick pies, salt, paper etc) is provided to the helpless less able persons.


But one thing we must bear in mind that Saddaqa donation can’t be donated to Mosque or the Imam of a Mosque it must go to the very needy people. Care-Link team is always ready to serve your Saddka as you prescribe.




CARE LINK (UK) TRUST            REGISTERED CHARITY NUMBER : 1061560   | [email protected] |

HEAD OFFICE: 111, Myddleton Road, Wood Green, LONDON / UK, N22 8NE | 0207-609-5634 |

FOR CORRESPONDENCE BRANCH OFFICE: 24 Hillmarton Road, LONDON / UK, N7 9JF  | 0207-609-5634  |
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