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Aims & Objectives


The Care-Link UK Trust is working hard, as much as possible, within the sources and resources available, to help:


Ø  Alleviate poverty.


Ø  Promote knowledge and education at all levels of gender, age, class etc.


Ø  Raise awareness against consuming unhealthy food & drinks, disease , illness and promote the learning of physical, mental & spiritual health,


Ø  Support and advise families on domestic violence, disputes, family differences, marriages, divorces, depressive and mental illnesses.


Ø  Raise awareness against unhealthy social environment, and help to bring about friendly, peaceful, healthy, happy and beautiful environment.


Ø  Identify social problems and get involved to address them – like anti social/ criminal behavior among youngsters;  run courses for inmates in prison and offer reformation to improve their  life style after their release etc. 


Ø  Help people in emergency, e.g. Earthquake, Floods, disasters, sudden domestic/family demise, calamities etc.


Ø  Support 


Thus enabling those in desperate need, to feel strong and become secure, conscious, independent, self-confident, responsible and respectable citizens of Britain or their own respective countries.




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