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All members of the Care-Link Marriage Council, Care-Link Association and Care-Link (UK) Trust are one family. Our service is friendly, courteous, sincere and supportive. With our mutual understanding we have laid foundation of trust among all members.  Our Matrimonially registered members live all over Britain.  We are only a phone call away from every well wisher. ‘Care-Link ‘has become a family name – we are told that on many family gatherings, there is always a mention of Care-Link services.


Some families of our registered members have started showing interest in our other charitable projects.  They share our concern and support us with their donations and their valuable time as well.


Thus our humble and sincere service has created a sizeable team of well wishers and practical supporters.  Therefore, we stand together to face other challenges and join in to serve the creation of Allah, the Almighty God. We are sure, inshallah; our togetherness SHALL bear everlasting fruits of success in serving the needy humanity.   Our members and their families are welcome to send their comments, suggestions and experiences to us – these are very valuable to us.





CARE LINK (UK) TRUST            REGISTERED CHARITY NUMBER : 1061560   | [email protected] |

HEAD OFFICE: 111, Myddleton Road, Wood Green, LONDON / UK, N22 8NE | 0207-609-5634 |

FOR CORRESPONDENCE BRANCH OFFICE: 24 Hillmarton Road, LONDON / UK, N7 9JF  | 0207-609-5634  |
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