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Care-Link (UK) Trust was founded in 1997 with deep concern about the alarming environmental scenario around the world, especially in 3rd world’s under-developed and developing countries, where poverty, disease, illiteracy and un-healthy environment is common and life looks meaningless. One can read, think about the sufferings among old people, young children and women, but feels insecure and scared to take quantum leap to introduce modern logistic system, invite people to join them and reform the situation, no matter how much! Read more under “our work.”

But there is always one person or a group of a few like-minded people who dare stand up and take the challenge. This first bold step to look in the eyes of challenge, becomes the voice of the masses, who later join them, work hard, make scarifies and defeat the magnitude of sufferings, disappointments, disease, ignorance, poverty, defaced culture etc. and bring brighter future for next generation to enjoy peace, love, respect, freedom, security, happiness, prosperity etc. This was the concern of founders of Care-Link UK Trust, and we are determined to work on it slowly but surely.

It is a dream- an un-ending dream, which comes true when the Almighty Creator wills, as the saying goes “God helps those who help themselves”.

We have seen the dream of breaking chains of challenges; so we humbly invite you all brothers, sisters, boys & girls, young & old, poor & rich, weak & strong, to join us, take this challenge and make the earth a peaceful place for every one.


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