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Mission statement



Since the   presence of first human being on this Earth, the Maker, the Creator (call Him God, Allah, Bhagwan, Waiguru etc.), Master of all knowledge, Power and nature, sent more or less 124,000 chosen people at different times - who are called Messengers and Prophets to deliver the Devine Message and commandments, teach people to first recognize & acknowledge the presence of their Lord the Creator, and then educate and train them to lead a purposeful life in this world.


Among the Messengers and Prophets, were some very notables like Adam, Noah, Abraham, Shoaib, Isaac, Ismail, David, Moses, Jesus and Mohammad (Peace Be Upon all of them). It is very sad to note that despite the availability of Divine Commandments and Guidance, the people are still suffering all over the world.

We believe that we the people, who care, in the light of Divine Commandments,  should take the responsibility to have a dialogue among ourselves,  invite every body (including your self) to share   challenges the world is facing during this century.


Dialogue is the best route to success of our common dream. And we appeal and say to you! Let us


Link up together and care for each other. 


We have our conviction that only then we shall receive Divine Guidance, Help & Success. Ameen. This is going to be the aim and manifesto of our life, as long as we live - God Willing.



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